SS 564

What is SS 564 ?

SS 564 is the green data centre standard which helps organisations to establish systems and processes necessary to improve the energy efficiency of their data centre.

SS 564 provides a recognised framework as well as a logical and consistent methodology to achieve continuous improvement for their data centre facilities. This standard is modelled after the ISO 50001 standard on energy management but is specifically tailored to meet the needs of data centres in Singapore.

The standard adopts the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology, an iterative, four step problem-solving process used for continuous process improvement. The PDCA cycle forms the basis for many established management standards, which have successfully stimulated substantial, continual efficiency improvements within organisations around the world.


Why SS 564 certification?

SS 564 defines a set of performance metrics for data centres to measure their energy efficiency. These metrics provide a common benchmark to help data centres to track their performance and improvements.

Being SS 564 certified does not only assist your organisation achieving its environmental management goals but also helps to reduce cost of operations and shows your customers that you are sincere about the environment.


Benefits to you:

  • Lower operating cost due to a reduction in energy used
  • Showing and exercising corporate social responsibility by contributing to the conservation of natural resources 
  • Attract customers who have policies and requirements to work with other environmental and socially responsible organisations


Benefits to your customers:

  • Working with a data centre who shows social responsibility
  • Lowering cost of operation by working at higher energy efficiency levels


Benefits to your staff:

  • Increased employee moral knowing the organisation cares about the environment
  • Feeling ownership of environmental and social responsibility


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