The EPI Data Centre Competence Framework© (EPI-DCCF©) provides a reference of 40 competences as required and applied at the data centre workplace, using a common language for competences, skills, knowledge and proficiency levels that can be understood across the industry.

Define Job Scopes, Descriptions and Competence Requirement

The EPI-DCCF© framework enables the data centre operator/owners to map job functions to the required competences for designing and operating a data centre with high-availability and efficiency ensuring that the data centre provides an adequate level of services in line with the business requirements of its customers. 

The EPI-DCCF© also provides over 30 samples/examples of job descriptions in a data centre organisation. 

List of Data Centre Job Descriptions in the EPI-DCCF©

  • Account Manager
  • Architect
  • Building Manager
  • Building Engineer
  • Business Continuity Manager
  • Cabling Engineer
  • Civil Engineer / Construction Engineer
  • Commissioning/Testing Manager
  • Data Centre Building Manager
  • Data Centre Design Manager
  • Data Centre Engineer
  • Data Centre Facilities Manager
  • Data Centre Floor manager
  • Data Centre Manager
  • Data Centre Operation Manager
  • EHS Manager (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Electrical Engineer/Designer
  • Finance Manager
  • Fire/Safety Systems Engineer/Designer
  • HR Manager (Human Resource)
  • ICT Technology and Network Engineer/ Designer
  • Lawyer/Legal Advisor
  • Mechanical Engineer/Designer
  • Monitoring and Automation Systems Engineer/Designer
  • NOC Manager
  • Policy and Compliance Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Security Systems Engineer/Designer
  • Service Desk Staff
  • Service Level Manager
  • Site Selection Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Structural Engineer
  • Sustainability Manager

EPI-DCCF Data Centre Competence Framework



Download the EPI-DCCF® for full details
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