The ultimate tool for creating personalised data centre career & training plan

The DCPT will help create a data centre career plan customised just for you, in just 3 minutes, or less!

Whether you are already working in the data centre industry or just starting out, this tool will create a career development plan for you, from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.  It identifies the competences (skills and knowledge) you will need for your current job roles and also your future job roles.  

You will be able to plan for your career and acquire the required competences, and be prepared when an opportunity comes along.

This tool is completely free!

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If you are a manager responsible for staff training, learning or career development, the DCPT will create career plans for your data centre staff in just minutes.  Contact us for assistance, email support@epi-ap.com


Data Centre Competence Framework (DCCF©) - The Intelligence Behind DCPT

The intelligence behind the DCPT is based on the Data Centre Competence Framework (DCCF©). 
The DCCF© is a comprehensive document detailing the 40 competences required of professionals working in the data centre industry. It is a great reference for professionals (in HR, L&D) who need to know in great details about competences, staff learning & development, hiring, organisation structure and writing job descriptions. 


What Is The Difference Between DCPT© and DCCF©?

For those who don't require the extensive details in the DCCF©, and want to create their own data centre career plans, the DCPT© will help you do the job quickly and without hassle.  You only need to select your current and desired future job roles, and the DCPT© will generate your career plan for you.  It's that simple. Try it now!

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