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Key Objective


We created our training services with one key objective - 

in the data centre and IT management areas 


Our training solutions have evolved over the years keeping up with technology, but always with the same objective. We have designed a complete training solution with the full flexibility to address all the various needs of our customers from all over the world.


Learning Methods


We deliver our training through 3 key delivery methods:

ILT - Instructor-Led Training

Classroom in person, face to face training in a physical location, whether a public class or in-house private class.


VILT Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Live class delivered over the internet using the latest online classroom technology for optimum learning.


TOD - Training on Demand

Studio recorded video courses available on-demand, 24x7, via the EPI online learning portal -


With these three learning methods, we can address the different learning preferences. For those who prefer interaction with peers, they can choose between an ILT or VILT. For individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere via any device, we have the TOD option.


EPI-Academy is the EPI Training-On-Demand (TOD) platform with online video courses which are available anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

Customers taking the TOD courses will have the flexibility and control to take the video study modules whenever it suits their work schedule.  They have the ability to pause, rewind, and replay the modules which allows them to better digest the information and increase retention.


Global Delivery Capability


EPI’s ILT courses are available in 130+ locations worldwide, through our direct operations and extensive partner network. We have partnered with established local training providers in 60+ countries in the major cities to provide customers with access to ILT training in a location closer to them.

Additionally, the VILT and TOD options are available for customers from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  


Multilingual Delivery


We are currently the only training provider in our areas of specialisation with the capability to deliver in 14 languages, with more being added.


Public and Private Classes


EPI delivers both public and private/in-house classes.  If your organisation prefers a private/in-house class then EPI can deliver this in any location of your choice or via an exclusive VILT session.




EPI exams are available at all our training partners’ locations around the world, as well as online from the comfort of your own home or office. The online exam (EXIN Anywhere exam) uses state-of-the-art online proctoring technology.  All you need is an internet connection and a laptop.


Training Subscription & Global Contract


More and more large multinational companies are facing an increasing workload managing the complexity of training staff scattered across different locations/timezones. This is compounded by staff on various ranks/levels and on different career paths.  

We have the training subscription and global contract solution to help customers ease their staff training workload. We enable organisations to provide consistent high-quality training to their personnel in all corners of the world which saves time, effort and with a predictable yearly investment. 

The EPI training subscription allows companies to give their staff access to our extensive library of TOD courses on EPI Academy. It is both a learning portal and a repository of invaluable knowledge which is updated with the latest changes in the industry and verified by an independent accreditation body. This means the company personnel will always have access to the most relevant information that will allow the company to keep ahead of the competitions.  The TOD courses also prepare the personnel for EPI’s globally recognised certifications, adding credibility and great value to the organisation. It is fully compliant with major LMS and therefore can be integrated into an existing LMS which the organisation might already have deployed. 

Some organisations may prefer to have, or include, the ILT/VILT learning modalities.  With our global contract, companies with annual training plans would be able to enjoy significant savings.




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