EPI, with world-wide offices, is a European origin company offering an extensive range of Data Centre infrastructure services.
All of our services are aimed at helping customers to:
  • Increase Availability of their mission critical infra structure
  • Improve efficiency and manageability
  • Minimize risk of business interruption
All our Clients have one thing in common - the need to protect their valuable data, run their mission critical infrastructure efficiently and protected on a 24 x 7 basis. In protecting its customers, EPI is committed to an intensive program of state of the art product and services development backed by engineering and support excellence.
In-depth understanding of your needs is at the core of the EPI philosophy made possible by virtue of the very considerable expertise and experience of our business development, engineering, technical and consultancy staff. By placing ourselves at the forefront of technology, we have a strategy which provides solutions to protect our customers interests and meet their business requirements.
Future proof of solutions are vital as the future of global business is dependent upon infrastructures that run 24 x 7 without any interruption. The EPIphilosophy combines an ongoing drive for product excellence with a prolonged commitment to quality and customer care while constantly searching for solutions to meet your requirements that will carry you safely and securely to the next level.

This commitment includes comprehensive after sales service and technical support so you can be certain your mission critical infrastructure availability requirements are fulfilled, from planning to commissioning, and for everyday operation.

Service and Support at EPI is paramount. Our commitment is to achieve the highest levels of Customer satisfaction by providing real solutions that work reliably and meet and exceed your specific needs. To ensure optimum customer care and system performance we go further by offering a total solutions approach from consultancy, pre- sales advice and planning through to installation and commissioning of solutions.

EPI Singapore is the worldwide head office for training, standard development, auditing and certification. We have developed a strong global partner network of distributors, resellers and joint ventures. All of our partners have their customers close to their hearts and ensure the customers' interests are well protected.

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