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1 Aug - 31 Oct 2020
Add the CITM (Certified IT Manager) credentials to your CV!
1 Sep - 30 Nov 2020
CNCDP® (Certified Network Cabling Design Professional)
Special Launch Offer!  Limited time. 
1 Jun - 31 Dec 2020
Data centre facilities operations management have proven to be the key differentiator between a data centre that is performing well or badly... 
EPI TOD (Training On Demand) 20% Discount
Apr & May 2020 
Get a globally recognised certification to increase your profile credibility. You can do this in as little as 2 days and save money too! 
5 Sep 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia
Join EPI and other industry leaders in the panel discussion at IDCDC. 
27 Jun 2019, Nepal
Get the real facts on data centre standards/guidelines and avoid making costly mistakes.
27 Jun 2019, Nepal
Get your data centre design/build assessed and corrected before 
a major incidence takes you down. 
27 Jun 2019, Nepal
Stand out from the data centre crowd & fast track your career! 
4 Apr 2019, Oslo, Norway
How will Cloud, IoT, 5G and Edge Transform the Datacenter Workforce of Tomorrow?  
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