Data Center Maintenance Checklists

Download the data center maintenance checklists for free!

These data center operations checklists include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance activities.  Download and modify them to your requirements, including incorporating recommendations from your vendors. 

Click the links to download.

  1. General Facility
  2. Plumbing
  3. Elevators
  4. Raised Floor
  5. Monitoring Systems (EMS/BMS)
  6. CCTV Maintenance
  7. Access Control System
  8. Fire Safety
  9. Bulk Fuel Storage
  10. Generators
  11. Transformers
  12. Power Distribution
  13. Static UPS
  14. Dynamic UPS
  15. Chiller
  16. Cooling Towers
  17. Indoor Air-Conditioning Units

These checklists are part of the Appendix of the DCOS, the quality management system/framework for data center operations.  Find out more about the DCOS.


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