Customer Testimonials

CDCP Testimonial

“I have taken the CDCP training and it was absolutely fantastic in my opinion! Also, the benefits that certification brought me at personal and professional level are countless, really!”

Ricardo Pereira, Switzerland

CDCE Testimonial

“The CDCE course has given me a fresh, new structured approach for design. It was a huge amount of information packed into 5 days.”

Benoit Lauvray, COO APAC, Linkbynet, Vietnam

CDCE Testimonial

“I particularly liked the CDCE course because it reminded me that although we do things in real life with the best of intentions, they are not always the best practice. The course will help me better connect business requirements with what is best for the data centre in terms of availability, best practice and getting buy-in.”

Iqraam Minting, Data Centre & Facilities Manager, Liberty, South Africa

CDCP Testimonial

“The CDCP course will help us improve documentation and reduce downtime.”

Moshood Agbabiaka, Facility Manager, Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, Nigeria

CDCS Testimonial

“Attending the CDCS has helped me with the design and plan of a proper data centre.”

Samuel, Sr. Technical Consultant, Techdata, Indonesia

CDCS Testimonial

“CDCS course gave me the knowledge to support formulation of data centre product management and designing a new data centre.”

Miftakhul Arif, Officer Digital Service Product Readiness, PT. Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia

CDCP Testimonial

“The CDCP course will help me with data centre management and deployment issues.”

Uche Ossai, Systems Administrator, Access Pensions, Nigeria

CDFOS Testimonial

“CDFOS gave me a standard for reference whenever I need it.”

Rui Sousa, Data Centre Manager, Internet solutions, South Africa

CDCS Testimonial

“CDCS helped me understant data centre design and selecting the right solutions.”

Shobanbabu Appalnaido, Engineer, DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia

CDCS Testimonial

“Great course! The CDCS course gave me a lot of new knowledge and helped me with my current job as a DC engineer.”

Kadek Wisnu Sudarmadi, DC Engineer, PT. Bank BRI, Indonesia

CDCP Testimonial

“After getting CDCP course and certification, they help to uplift my career. It helped me solve lots of confusion related to data centre.”

Sri Krishna Maharjan, Technical Business Development Manager, Synergy Tech Pvt Ltd, Nepal

CDCP Testimonial

“The CDCP course provided deep insights and detailed explanation that gave me a holistic understanding on the data centre requirements. The knowledge and solutions are applicable and can be implemented at my work place to reduce the likelihood of downtime and failures that could be prevented.”

Nick Wong Kong Shing, Field Engineer, Singapore

CDCS Testimonial

“Learning CDCS has helped me manage our company data centre better especially relating to business.”

Johansyah Benhar Putra, AVP Product & Service Digital Platform & Digital Service, PT Telkom Indonesia, Tbk., Indonesia

CDCP Testimonial

"I have taken the CDCP training and it was absolutely fantastic in my opinion! Also, the benefits that certification brought me at personal and professional level are countless, really!”

Ricardo Pereira, Switzerland 

CDCP-VILT Testimonial

"The VILT class was very good. We can save our time without traveling long distance to training location (abroad).  Easy to understand all topics without any disturbance.  Also we could discuss and get any clarification of the subject.  Enough break time too."

Sudeep K C, Electrical Engineer/Facilities Manager, Government Integrated Data Centre, Nepal

CDCP-VILT Testimonial 

“Thanks for a most enjoyable 2 days. I was initially a little concerned about the online VILT. Instead I found it a very positive experience, very interactive, enjoyable and most of all informative. Thanks for sharing the information with us via this technology. I won’t hesitate to use this method again for my next course.”

Peter Banham, Business Development Manager, STULZ Oceania

CDCP-VILT Testimonial

“VILT was really a great learning platform. At first I was uncertain but as soon as I joined the session, it went on really good. I could understand every concept and the best part was you get to learn with students across the globe so you even understand the global trends and the international standards. All in all a great learning experience with No technical glitches!!”

Kunal P, Business Development and Operations Manager (Data Centre), HTL Aircon Pvt Ltd

CDFOM-VILT Testimonial

“On day one, I was able to adapt to VILT. From then on, our training became more interactive and sharing of ideas was always welcome.  If we want to pursue additional learnings or training while we are home, VILT is the best substitute for classroom training.”

Gilbert M. Gimeno,
Data Centre Infrastructure Management,
IT Infrastructure Engineering and Management,
Information Systems Group, Globe Telecom Inc

CTDC-VILT Testimonial

“I enjoyed every bit of the program, it feels great to know that am advancing my career from the comfort of my home.”

Fitsum Gebremedhin, Technical Manager, IPCOM Technologies

CDCP-VILT Testimonial

“EPI VILT helped me keep my training targets on track in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Asroful Maulana, Facility Operation, PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka

DCFC-VILT Testimonial

“The training was brilliant. It was super easy to learn in a familiar environment. I didn’t have the stress of being late to class, finding parking, finding the right room to be in, I just made my coffee and logged in. I was even able to handle a task or two on the side during the training when people ignored my DND status. I’m certainly interested in putting my name down for more courses in the future.”

Christopher O Connor, Datacentre Technician, Microsoft

DCFC-VILT Testimonial

“Not sure what people are afraid of. I found VILT to be just as engaging as a regular class room coupled with the comfortability of working from your space of choice. What’s not to like?  I felt very comfortable doing the training and I certainly learnt a lot from it.”

Michael Aposto, Data Centre Technician, Microsoft

CDCP-VILT Testimonial

“The VILT class was very good. We can save our time without traveling long distance to training location (abroad).  Easy to understand all topics without any disturbance.  Also we could discuss and get any clarification of the subject.  Enough break time too.”

Priji Thankachan, Head of ICT Department, Al Thabat Holding llc

CDFOM-VILT Testimonial

“The stereotype of classroom led training is continuously challenged by Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT). Having successfully passed my examination with 90% from the comfort of my home has really changed my outlook on classroom training. The Video Conferencing technology and instructor seamlessly turned my home into a classroom environment. Plus the benefit of being able to "anonymously" ask questions, arguably one of the biggest fears of students in a classroom, allowed me to deeper understand the content being taught.

I enjoyed this virtual experience thoroughly.”

Curtly Frost (MEA),
Solutions Architect (Elec. Eng.) CDFOM,
Dimension Data Advanced Infrastructure

CDCP-TOD Testimonial

“I took the CDCP course on-line (Training On Demand “TOD”) and was very pleased with the experience.  I really enjoyed having the flexibility to take the video study modules whenever it suited my work schedule and the ability to pause, rewind, etc. allowed me to better digest the information. The materials in the videos supplemented by the study eBook were clear and comprehensive and the self-paced structure worked well for me.  I felt well-prepared for the exam which I also took on-line.  This was very straightforward to register for and take and I passed which is the ultimate testament to how well the TOD worked for me!”

Bill Bridgman, Vice President,

CDFOM-VILT Testimonial

“I took the exam the day after the VILT training, and I passed the exam.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us during the course.  It was a very nice interactive experience through the virtual meeting which I would encourage for future use.”

Allan Chia Kiat Leng, CDFOM, Facilities Manager, AIA Singapore Pte Ltd

CDMS-VILT Testimonial

“The effect and performance of the CDMS-VILT was good. VILT is similar to sitting in a classroom for training, letting me easily concentrate on the training materials, interactive verbal discussions with the instructor and classmates in an effective way through my own laptop anywhere. I have no worry to recommend anyone to attend VILT, which I can see it is a trend for massive professional training around the world in future to minimise travels and maximize overall productivity as well as saving the planet!”

Joey Chung, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

CDMS Testimonial

“The CDMS course provides a step-by-step methodology to all aspects of a data centre migration with valuable and practical hints, which enhanced my knowledge in identifying the key elements and best practices that can apply in our coming migration project. The trainer, Otto, explained the course very clearly and I am really enjoyed it.”

Ronie Ng, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

VILT Testimonial

“The VILT session from EPI is one of the best which I have attended so far in my career. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and the way the trainer handled the VILT is quite remarkable. Practical explanation is the highlight of this training and the trainer was able to deliver through VILT, it’s amazing. This kind of training helps data centre professionals learn and understand the on-the-ground realities which I thought was not possible via VILT, but I would say congrats, you have achieved it!

I am happy to be a part of this training and interested to take up advance courses.”

Ramkumar Thillainayagam, Senior Administrator, Wipro Technologies

CDFOM-VILT Testimonial

“The VILT (Virtual Instructor Lead Training) was a good experience. It was my first VILT for a certification course.”

Wendell Mendoza,
SG-Core Command Centre Manager,
Enterprise Data and Managed Services (A member of the SingTel Group)

VILT Testimonial 

“This was my first VILT class. I had my own apprehension on how the training would be in terms of collaboration and participation, with trainer and participants who were based across the globe via online (VILT). The EPI trainer, Leo, was very accommodative and ensured all the doubts were clarified. Also he ensured throughout the session to ask questions to make the class lively. This was a great platform where we could collaborate globally with associates from the same fraternity to understand the best practices implemented at their work places. Leo’s thoughtful endeavours helped the session achieve its goal.”

B.R.Santhosh, Ast General Manager Datacentre, ICICI Bank

VILT Testimonial 

“I have done two courses from EPI (CDCP & CTDC). My CDCP was classroom based and CTDC is VILT. When I signed up for EPI VILT session, my first impression is the classroom training is better than VILT. However, I have realized there are a lot more positive aspects of VILT session after experiencing it. I would strongly recommend professionals to consider VILT mode instead of class room due to the following reasons – save travel time, more time to review training materials before exam, you can ask questions without hesitation, and even after VILT session you can ask trainer for clarification. Finally, it’s really convenient to sit for the EXIN Anywhere exam.”

Jayaraman Manikandan, Senior ICT Engineer,
PM Group Asia Pte Ltd

CDCP-VILT Testimonial 

“I’m very happy having experienced the CDCP-VILT training. The EPI Instructor was very kind and patient when sharing the knowledge to me. The platform also was stable and good. Even though we were not face-to-face in a classroom, the instructor and students teaching/learning process still went on smoothly.”

Nauval, Presales,
PT Multi Solusindo Perkasa (MSP)

CDCS-VILT Testimonial 

“I already read the book 2 days before the course but frankly it was difficult to understand all the concepts in the book. But with the EPI trainer’s lively examples on the VILT course, I was able to understand them easily.”

Tran Gia Kim, Project Manager,
FPT Information System

CDCS-VILT Testimonial 

“It was a new and very good experience. The EPI trainer’s teaching technique was unique and very good. I was able to understand in detail every aspect/topic of the CDCS course. I would recommend others to go for VILT training during times like COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks EPI team for making this happen.”

Manoj Bhakuni,
Data Centre Solution Manager, IBM India

CDCS-VILT Testimonial 

“If you want a well organised and in-depth training on data centre then this is the training (CDCS) to go for. A very well structured training delivered by subject matter expert with depth and breadth knowledge within the data centre space. Our trainer, Leo Lee has been delivering this training with great passion and provided real life scenarios to better understand the concepts behind complex subjects. Thanks to the VILT which allowed me to follow this training very interactively without any glitch from the comfort of my home office in French Polynesia (South Pacific).”

Director and Technology Strategist

VILT Testimonial 

“I have done three courses from EPI (CDCP, CDCS, CDMS); two of them (CDCP and CDCS) through Instructor-led training (ILT); and CDMS through Virtual Instructor-led training (VILT). I have found the VILT provided the same level of learning as ILT. In fact, in some training sections, I have found VILT is better than ILT. The instructor shares his experience, tutorial, and other valuable information very effectively and participants also participated actively. I have passed the exam the day after the training. For me, VILT was an enjoyable experience and I will do more virtual training when I can.”

A B M Ahasan Ullah, Head of Infrastructure & Network; ICT Security & Risk,
LankaBangla Finance Limited



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