EPI Received Three TIA Star Awards

Singapore (29 March 2023) –  The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has awarded EPI with three TIA Star Awards for exceptional leadership and contribution to TIA and the industry. The 1st award is to the EPI organization. The 2nd is to Edward van Leent (Chairman and CEO of EPI Group), and the 3rd is to Joseba Calvo (Managing Partner EPI Americas).

EPI has played a pivotal role in raising awareness of the importance of benchmarking data centers to the TIA-942 standard. The TIA-942 standard is the most comprehensive data center infrastructure standard. It is also the only data center standard with an official certification scheme to maintain the ­quality of auditors and audit companies, and therefore the quality of its certificates. EPI has helped organizations across the world optimize their data center design, improve their overall efficiency and competitiveness through its TIA-942 audit and certification services.

EPI is a long-standing active member of the TIA-942 standard development committee. Through EPI's input, the company has helped to establish a more transparent, objective and practical standard for evaluating and benchmarking data center facility infrastructure.

EPI's leadership, capability, and contributions are exceptional and proven time and time again. It is the leading certification body for data centers. It has certified more TIA-942 facilities than any other company, holding 96% market share. According to Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI Group, "We are very honored to have received these awards. At EPI, we embed quality in every aspect of our business and every customer touchpoint.  Our tagline is 'Protecting Your Interests', and we walk the talk. Our people make sure we deliver the highest quality services that protect our customers' interests."

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